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About the introduction to watch purchase
Jul 27, 2018

(1) color

Choose a watch worn on a formal occasion, the color stress is too complicated and messy. Generally, you should choose a monochrome watch or a two-color watch. You should not choose a watch with three colors or more. Whether it is a monochrome watch or a two-color watch, its color should be clear, noble and elegant. Gold, silver and black watches, which are gold, silver and black, are ideal for watches, cases and straps. The watch with gold case, strap and milky white dial can withstand the test of time and will not fall behind in any age.

(2) pattern

Except for numbers, trademarks, factory names, and brands, there is no need to have other patterns on the watch that have no effect. It is especially important to keep this in mind when choosing a watch for a formal occasion. If the pattern on the watch is bizarre and varied, it is not only not conducive to use, but may attract jokes.

Purchase idea of watch

(3) function

Timekeeping is the main function of the watch. Therefore, the watch used in formal occasions, whether it is a pointer, a jump or a timekeeping, should have this function, and should be accurate to the hour and minute, and accurate to the second is better. Watches that are only accurate at the time are obviously not up to the requirements. Some additional features, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction, blood pressure, pace, etc., are optional, and nothing is good. In short, the function of the watch should be small and precise, and it must have practical value.

(4) Material

The existing watch case materials include alloy, steel, ceramics, silicone and other four categories, alloy watches generally cost less than 300 yuan, while steel watches are more than 1,000 yuan (such as Tissot watches mostly steel watches), ceramics According to the difference in ceramic materials, the price ranges from 500 to 2,000 yuan, and the price of a watch with a silicone case is mostly less than 100 yuan.

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