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Can a smart watch replace a smartphone?
Aug 22, 2018

This should be the fourth point in the development trend of smart watches, but I feel it is necessary to discuss it separately. What I have been thinking about is, in the future, what kind of smart devices will replace smartphones in the future after the smartphone era. Some people say that it is AR. Google glass has been regarded as a leading but not practical smart device. At present, there are many similar products that are better than Google Glass. Many mobile phones have already implemented the AR function. You can view the real data of many objects and even the human body through the mobile phone. Obviously, this function is put on the glasses, which is better for the user.


From the habit of using, if the mobile phone is replaced by smart equipment worn on the hand, watches and bracelets will be preferred. In theory, if there are more power-saving screens and chips, if the flexible battery technology makes a breakthrough, the life of the watch will not be a problem. At that time, would people consider putting various functions of the phone on the watch? Various virtual reality operation interfaces have been developed through watches, which have appeared in many movie scenes.

 smart watch VS Smart phone

In addition, the use of curved screens in mobile phones is itself in the direction of wearable. The surface of the screen is actually the same as the smart watch. The trend is to make the phone smaller and smaller. With the gradual maturity of chips, memory, VR technology and artificial intelligence technology, the size of a flexible smartphone will become smaller and smaller. When it is as small as a watch, should it be a smart phone or a smart watch? Adding a watch reality function to your mobile phone is So easy.


In addition to the above points, there is actually a direction worth exploring, that is, the watch itself. Now there are some light smart watches in the market, such as FIYTA and other watch manufacturers. These merchants think that the watch is first a watch, and other functions should be auxiliary functions. This direction makes me feel that the future smart watch is like a secret weapon in various special agents.


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