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GMT Watch Bezel vs Countdown Watch Bezel
Dec 05, 2018

The GMT bezel

The GMT bezel should be especially clear, mainly to indicate the time in the second time zone, which is very useful for people who often travel through the time zone. Watches equipped with GMT bezels have a fourth pointer in addition to hours and minutes. It can be called a GMT pointer. The usual three hands match the 12-hour scale of the inner ring to indicate local time. The GMT pointer and the GMT border 24 hour scale match to indicate the time in the second time zone.

Understand the principle of operation, the method of use is not difficult to master. In use, first align the triangular scale of the GMT front bezel with the 12 o'clock scale on the dial, then rotate the GMT pointer through the crown to the selected timing area. This way, you can view the time in both time zones at the same time. The red and blue circles of Rolex and Tudor also use two different colors to distinguish between day and night, making it easier to read and more intuitive.

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The countdown watch

The countdown watch is a variant of the diving bezel. Unlike the diving bezel, its scale is set counterclockwise. This type of bezel is often used in military watches to meet combat needs, such as counting down after launching a bomb. The method of use is similar to a diving bezel - by rotating the bezel to point the pointer to a specific position, the expected event occurs when the pointer moves to the "0" scale.

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