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Digital Watches History
Jan 08, 2019
Digital Watch With Leather Band

Digital Watches are watches that use electronic components using micro-batteries as energy sources (also using solar energy).

Digital Watches originated in Switzerland. In 1955, Switzerland relied on its mature experience and exquisite technology to produce balance springs. Firstly, it developed a successful balance type (with an electromagnetic balance instead of a clockwork drive) electronic watch, which is called the first generation of digital Watches. In 1960, the United States developed a tuning fork electronic watch. It is simpler in structure and precise in travel time. It is called the second generation electronic watch. In 1969, Japan developed a quartz electronic watch.

It is more accurate than the former and is called the third generation electronic watch. The above digital watches retain the traditional pointer dial surface. In the 1970s, Switzerland, Japan and other countries developed a liquid crystal display (digital directly on the dial) quartz electronic watch, which is a fully electronic watch, without any moving components, the internal structure of the integrated circuit, more precise travel time, was Known as the fourth generation of digital Watches. At present, some countries are developing radio wave watches, the fifth generation of digital Watches.

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