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Drain device for diving watch
Nov 29, 2018

Since professional divers return to the sea every time they work in the deep sea, they will waste a lot of time decompression. Therefore, they must work in the deep sea elegant diving cabin for a long time. In order to ensure the normal operation of the diving watch, the professional diving watch needs to be equipped with a helium device to ensure the safety of the watch. The helium exhaust device is an embodiment of ISO6425:1996 underwater reliability requirements on the structure of the watch.

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Let me talk about why you need a drainage device. When the diver rides in the high-pressure submersible dive, the helium gas will seep into the diving watch, so that the pressure inside the case is gradually level with the external high pressure, but when the submersible is floating, the external water pressure is correspondingly reduced. If the helium is not discharged in time, it will cause a huge pressure difference, causing the case to burst. In 1966, in Japan, divers dive in the 350-meter deep sea, and the diving watch case blasted during the floating process. In order to prevent the watch case from being able to withstand the pressure burst, the drainage device came into being.

 At present, the exhaust gas discharge device is mainly represented by a helium exhaust gas valve, and the exhaust gas exhaust valve is roughly divided into two types: an automatic exhaust gas valve and a manual exhaust gas valve.

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