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Five basic knowledge of the watch
Aug 23, 2018

1. The style and function of the watch

The style and function of the watch, the watch is divided into two major categories of machinery and quartz, the most common mechanical watch, the function is automatic calendar.

2. Is the quartz watch worthless?

Quartz watches and mechanical watches which is good? There should be good or bad, regardless of value, quartz watches are also expensive. Mechanical watches are also cheap. Generally speaking, mechanical watches are more ornamental, while quartz watches have high precision and are easy to use. There are three ways to distinguish them. (1) Look at the logo, the automatic watch will have AUTOMATIC letters, or SELF-WINDING letters, (2) look at the second hand operation mode, the quartz watch will jump in one second, (3) whether it can be wound or has automatic tourbillon sound.

common watch brands

3. The indicator function of the watch

The hands and dials are used to indicate time, and there are also windows for numbers.

Window-style for calendars

The so-called "big calendar" is two windows that display the ten digits of the date and each of them.

4. Flyback and retrograde form of the watch pointer

Instead of turning clockwise, the flyback is a feature of zeroing the chronograph, while the retrograde is a "fan" in the hands.

The fan-shaped retrograde is rather bizarre. It is automatically zeroed after the full stroke.

5. Timing function watch

Commonly known as "three needles and three eyes", there are also three crowns. Can be used to record time, common in sports.

Of the 3 crowns, 2 are buttons. Above is the start/stop button. The following is the return to zero. The middle table is also called the crown.

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