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How clean watch dial?
Jul 05, 2018

What about the discoloration of the watch dial?

Watch the dial color problems are common, dial color is also called "Color", especially among the old watch is more, there are different types of color also, have a dot color, also has a sheet discoloration.

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Watch dial color happens to 30 years ago seems more, this is probably related to the production process, the dial base are brass, then gold plated or silver plated on the surface, finally to spray the paint coat. There may be some acid solvent residue that is most likely to cause discoloration later.

In addition to the reasons for production, there are also external reasons for the use of causing or inducing the discoloration of the watch dial.

1. Watch is affected with damp, watches watchcase, untight seal moisture moisture into inside the watch of the outside world, is also very easy to induce the dial color, or dial the paint coat peeling off, its characteristic is more occurs on the edge of the dial.

2. Collection don't have to watch for a long time, if there is one night ming pointer, it depends on the night ming choose the nature of the material, generally the old watch should be careful about, dial appear discolored areas often happens to be on the watch, the minute hand night ming on the corresponding position.

3. The watch is placed or exposed to sunlight for a long time. Various rays of sunlight will make everything change color slowly.

4. Watch exposure to radiation or radioactive substances, radiation in the medical treatment and some industrial production applications, the most severe, it can be in a very short period of time, let things become angry.

Warm prompt: The spot on dial and pan color should not be wiped with flannelette, cannot wipe hard even pick, can make dish face flood copper and influence beautiful. The scale on the back of the dial can be wiped by dipping a flannelette into some gasoline. A clean dial should be placed facing up, not mixed with other parts, and then covered with a dust cover to protect it.

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