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How did the quartz watch develop?
Dec 21, 2018

The quartz watch uses the battery as the energy source, and the quartz crystal provides a stable pulse wave. The needle is operated by the motor, and the quartz meter has small error. The monthly error is generally between 15-25 seconds, and no precise manual adjustment is required. Production speed is significantly faster than mechanical watches, and production costs are low.

Ultra-Thin Square Watch

Japanese quartz watches seize the opportunity to quickly seize the market. Japan’s watchmaking industry was destroyed in World War II, and the rise of quartz watches gave the Japanese watch an excellent opportunity. In 1969, when the United States entered the moon, humans officially began to move into outer space.

In the same year, in the field of watches, Seiko launched the world's first quartz watch named "Quartz Astron", which kicked off the quartz revolution in the watch industry. Then the Japanese watchmakers began mass production of inexpensive quartz watches, watches from luxury goods to economical electronic products, "quartz storm" swept the world quickly, Japanese quartz watches to the world.

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