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How long do quartz watch batteries last?
Apr 19, 2018

How long do quartz watch batteries last?

         We all know that quartz watches are much more accurate than mechanical watches. For some lazy people, mechanical watches need to be strung frequently, while quartz watches have batteries.Quartz watch time is not accurate generally because of  insufficient battery power.Replacing a new battery can solve this problem easily. Generally when buying a watch, sellers will tell us that a quartz battery can be used for 3-5 years. However, some of consumers feel that it is deceptious, and they think the battery is not able to last so long.So how long can a quartz watch battery last? 

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        Quartz watch batteries are also known as button batteries because of its appearance, the battery's function is equivalent to the clockwork spring of the mechanical watch.They all provide power for the watch pointer to move around. The characteristics of this battery include small volume, high capacity, long service life, and various button batteries are composed of positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte, separator and shell.

There are five commonly used quartz watch batteries:

      1, Silver oxide battery, also known as silver zinc battery, voltage is 1.55V, is the most common battery used in quartz watches, with high physical density and stability, no environmental pollution. Normal battery voltage will gradually decline with use, but the voltage of silver oxide battery will only suddenly drop when its life is over. This characteristic will greatly benefit the accuracy of quartz watch. However, battery power cannot be known by simple measurement methods.

       2, Silver peroxide battery, also known as divalent silver battery, voltage 1.55V. It has high capacity, but its voltage stability is poor.

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       3, Mercury oxide batteries, also known as mercury batteries, the voltage is 1.35V. It is the earliest developed watch battery. It has been used less frequently due to environmental pollution.

        4, Lithium battery. With lithium metal as the negative electrode, it has the characteristics of high voltage (typically 3V), low self-discharge rate, and long shelf life. TIt has wider application prospects.

        5, Solar cells. It can convert light energy into electricity. It generally has a secondary battery (nickel-cadmium battery), which can make the watch go normally every day as long as it is exposed to sunlight or light for a short time.Solar cells  are also commonly in quartz clocks.

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     Of course, the life of a quartz watch battery is related to the battery's own capacity, and it is also related to the power consumption of the watch circuit.The larger capacity the battery has, the lower the circuit power consumption is,and the longer the service life it has.If the quartz watch is stopped because the battery has no power, or if it is not worn for a long time, remove the battery as much as possible to prevent the battery from leaking or bloating damaging the watch.

                                                                                Men's Watch 

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        The service life of a quartz watch battery is related to the type of the battery itself, and the power consumption of the watch circuit also affects it. The specific time of use is based on the type of your watch. If the battery of quartz watch is low, be sure to remember to replace the battery in time. Because the battery leakage will corrode the movement, if it is not replaced in time, it will not affect the watch wear, it will also cause the internal movement damage, and the watch breaks down.

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