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How to adjust the time of the watch?
Nov 29, 2018

The watch dial is used to adjust the time or date. During the operation of the watch, the needle is used to drive the pointer to accurately indicate the time. Whether it is a quartz watch or a mechanical watch, long-term use of the needle will cause wear and affect the accuracy of travel time. Many people think that the tighter the needle is, the better it is. This is not the case. If the needle is too loose, it will affect the time of the watch. Therefore, when rotating the dial to set the needle, you must grasp the degree, not too tight or too loose.


In general, new watches, the needles will be slightly tight, and the watches worn for a long time are often loose. The needle mechanism has a gear, the gear is set on the central axle, the central axle has a certain inclination angle, and the small center wheel has a groove on each side of the corresponding position, and the work between the parts is elastically matched. The tightness of the fit determines the tightness of the needle when it is placed, and wear is most likely to occur at this position. Especially for mechanical watches, frequent pin or proofreading dates can exacerbate gear wear.

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When the needle is adjusted too tightly, in addition to increasing the error of the watch, the huge moment when the needle is dialed will be attached to the transmission train. If the needle is clockwise, the second hand of the watch will quickly go faster; when the needle is counterclockwise, The second hand will stop or go backwards (in the case where the watch is not pulled for a second). Too tight a pin will damage the gear most directly, causing the spur gear, the small over wheel, the sprocket wheel and the shaft to wear, and even the tip of the tooth is broken. If the watch is struggling, it is recommended to send it to the professional watch repair shop in time to avoid damage to internal parts.


Of course, in addition to the tightness, the feeling of the needle should be smooth and smooth. Under normal circumstances, the watch dial can be reversed. If there is a large wear of the gears of the needle system and poor meshing between the gears, there will be an abnormal feeling of unsmooth and top teeth or slip teeth when the needles are turned in a certain direction. The normal needle tightening of the watch should be loose but not too tight. The loose can't reach the level of "strength", and it can't be tight enough to feel the force of the hands.

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