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How to choose a children's smart watch?
Jul 31, 2018

1, battery life

The current children's smart watches on the market are basically out of power in less than a day, charging is cumbersome, and the power is the basis for all functions. Parents should try to choose products that are long-lasting and more energy-efficient.


2, positioning accuracy

Positioning accuracy depends on several positioning. The relatively accurate positioning technology for children's smart watch products on the market today is based on GPS, WIFI, base station, and gravity sensing. Indoor WIFI positioning is currently the most accurate and most easy to implement, avoiding the problem of entering indoor signal weakening and affecting positioning. The outdoor signal is strong, relatively good, but it must also be combined with the base station and GPS gravity sensing to achieve the error within the range of 10-20 meters.

 disney girl-s watch design

3,can call function two-way

In the case of a call, the call that is now advertised on the market is actually a voice intercom like WeChat. It is not really a call. The child is easy to ignore. It is really a phone watch, and the watch price is very Less, parents must ask when they buy.

Call positioning watches, it is natural to have a one-to-one trial of the function, one of which is to determine whether it is really possible to talk. The voice of the call can be ignored without being surrounded by the sound. Voice of the call.

The child's skin is very delicate and easily damaged. Parents must pay attention to materials when choosing the right child positioning watch for the baby. In particular, whether the strap is soft enough is critical. Many products use PVC or other materials that are stiffer. Silicone is the most comfortable for the human body.

4, Appropriate consultation with your child

Of course, the children are also most important to the appearance of the watch. It is not too late to buy when it is satisfactory for the appearance of this watch.

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