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How to choose the size of men's watches?
Jul 07, 2018

The size of the watch dial can give people a different feeling, the savage big dial shows the personality, and the delicate small dial highlights the elegance. Many friends who have just touched the watch will inevitably hesitate in the size of the dial when they purchase. So how to choose the size of men's watches?Let me introduce the rules for men's watch size selection.

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Like most things in life, there are thousands of watches. Consumers not only have to find a watch that suits their taste, but also determine which watches are best worn on the wrist.

    There has been a huge debate about the size of watches. Enthusiastic watch lovers like to talk about what size they think is the best, and which watches are "wrong". In fact, there is no "wrong" watch size, only the "not suitable" watch size.

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Choose Style

The choice of watch size depends on the individual's style and taste. If you want to make yourself younger or more dynamic, then larger sizes usually look more appropriate. In addition, if you are well-dressed or conservative, a medium-sized watch can be a priority.

Men are advised not to wear small-sized watches, as men wearing small-sized watches may look feminine or feel like wearing a children's watch.

Large and medium sized watches are best suited for standard wear. The oversized wristwatch is too big to wear on the wrist.

Rules for selecting watch sizes

Ideally, the case and wrist of the watch are about the same size, so try not to exceed the edge of the wrist. Imagine that your wrist is a plate, you have food in it, and of course you don't want food to overflow. So, in the end, how big the watch is, this is a matter of personal preference, but remember not to go beyond the wrist.

If you want to buy a medium-sized watch, there is an unwritten rule that the wristwatch case occupies at least three-quarters of the wrist. Otherwise, it will make people feel feminine.


Sometimes a thicker watch will look wider, and a thiner one will look smaller. Most men think that a 40-44 mm diameter watch looks good because it is a medium to large size for them. If your wrist is small, a 36 mm watch is suitable in some cases. But for men, it is best to avoid choosing a watch that is under 38 mm.

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