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How to choose your favorite watch?
Jul 27, 2018

If you want to wear a watch correctly, you must first understand the watch and be good at choosing a watch. When choosing a watch, you should pay attention to the six aspects of its type, shape, color, pattern, function and material.

(1) Category

A. Classified by price

Depending on the standard, watches can be divided into many different categories. In social situations, people generally distinguish their types based on price. According to this standard, watches can be divided into four categories: luxury watches, high-end watches, mid-range watches, and low-end watches. In terms of price, the price of luxury watches is above 10,000 yuan, the high-end watches are between 2000 and 10,000 yuan, the mid-range watches are between 500 and 2,000 yuan, and the low-end watches are below 500 yuan. When choosing the specific type of watch, you must first do your best, and don't do anything that is not enough. In addition, it also takes into account a series of related factors such as the individual's occupation, the occasion to appear, the target of the interaction, and other costumes selected at the same time.

B. Classified by style

Depending on the style of the watch, watches can also be divided into fashion watches , fashion watches , casual watches (such as Tissot brand watches), sports watches , business watches.

C. Classified by function

For the user of the watch, the watch is time-consuming, regardless of the watch function. However, with the deepening of the understanding of the watch, most people will choose models with different functions.

If it is not divided by the complexity of the movement, but by the function of the style, there are common diving watches, flight watches, military watches, fashion watches and ordinary watches.

Recently, the diving watch has been favored by watch fans because of its excellent design and excellent waterproof performance. It is often possible to search for comparisons of diving watches of various brands. In addition, the military watch has a black dial, a special pointer, and a strong outer casing. It is also welcomed by watch fans; as for the flight watch, it is characterized by the complicated timekeeping function of the bezel and the timetable. Although most people wearing flying watches do not fly the aircraft, the complicated watches are also 

highly sought after.

sport 54 chronograph gray silicone watch

(2) shape

The shape of a watch is often related to its value and grade. Watches worn on formal occasions should be solemn and conservative in shape and avoid strange and trendy. Men, especially those who are respected and older, should pay more attention. A novelty, fancy watch for girls and children only. In general, round, oval, square, rectangular and diamond watches are particularly suitable for formal occasions because of their solemn and conservative style and wide range of applications.

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