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How to identify the authenticity of the watch?
Jul 09, 2018

The authenticity of watches is indeed a hot topic, and now the market fakes are full, and some merchants are becoming more and more outrageous. In the usual time, you need to know some tips to judge the authenticity of your watch.

Judging from the appearance material

Judging from the appearance of true and false, we must first look at work. The imitation table will have a sense of violation, the literal work is rough, the scales are out of bounds...

Today, many fake watches say that their watches are made of 316 steel, but in fact the work is very rough, the grinding is not smooth enough, and some even cut hands. You still have to ask: my watch is real. Still fake? Honestly, you will be laughed at. The real watch works very delicately and exquisitely, and the polishing is also very round and smooth, giving a noble feeling.

If the price is too cheap, the watch should be aware that it is generally a fake watch.

Judging from the movement

Many people have such distress: how does the movement judge true and false?

For watch friends who don't understand the movement, it is really a problem to judge whether the movement is true or not. Generally, people who don't understand the watch have no way to identify it, and now many merchants will set a real case with a fake movement to sell to consumers. This is even more difficult to identify.

Customers are often heard to be deceived by such merchants.

the fake movement

Imitation of the seagull ST3600 movement

In fact, this is not an unbelievable problem. After all, for a good-selling watch, it is normal to be copied. Generally, the watch movement will be beautiful and have a lot of decoration, and the replica is often not perfect because of cost. Therefore, the opaque watch on the back provides them with great convenience.


Transparent on the back: This type of watch usually uses a domestically-made movement to cover the eyeballs. Those who understand the watch will see that something is wrong. Therefore, we must have a relatively good understanding of the watch movement parameters. Now, the brand will give some specific data, such as the movement model and material. You can find the corresponding materials for comparison, and it is very convenient to find online.

At present, many imitation watches on the market will adopt the movement of Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd. Seagull ST18, Seagull ST21 and Seagull ST3600. These three movements have occupied most of the production of imitation movements. There are also some low-cost big three-needle with a single calendar function. The imitation table will use the Pearl 2836 calibre, which is copied from Citizen 8210.

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