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How to judge the authenticity of the ceramic watch?
Jul 19, 2018

The raw material of the new ceramics is finely ground fine zirconia and titanium carbide powder with a grain size of about one thousandth of a millimeter, and the particle size is about one-fifth of the diameter of human hair. They are homogenized, and a predetermined shape can be obtained by ceramic injection molding (CIM). In this way, we get the shape of accessories such as case and strap. The CIM preformed material is placed in a special furnace for high temperature sintering.

ceramic watch band

After the ceramic case and the strap are formed, the surface is polished and polished according to the required surface effect, and finally a lubricated surface texture is formed. The most important features of high-tech ceramic materials are high hardness, scratch resistance, long-lasting color and friendly skin. The biggest disadvantage is the high brittleness (this is also a common problem of hard materials), so try to avoid impact and drop during use.

Distinguishing between authenticity

The many advantages and complex processes of ceramic watches are destined to be expensive. A brand-name ceramic watch moves tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. You need to be careful when buying. In addition to the general experience of purchasing a watch, pay special attention to the following points when purchasing ceramic watches.

ceramic watch women's

1. Weight: Not necessarily heavy. Traditional high-end watches are made of precious metals, so they are heavier than ordinary stainless steel watches, but the ceramic materials themselves are lighter, so they do not necessarily feel significantly heavier than metal.

2. Hardness: The metal is not hard enough. In life, metal is considered to be a very hard material. Many merchants use metal to scratch the watch in order to show that the hardness of the product is high, to show that the watch is resistant to wear. Be careful at this time, because the metal is very soft from the material point of view, the hardness of the metal is up to 1000, so it will not be scratched by metal. The hardness of the glass is 5000-6000, so the experiment with glass is more reliable than the metal (high-tech ceramic hardness is about 10,000).

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