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How to normal wear bussiness watch?
Aug 28, 2018

You get up at the same time every morning to wear a watch, go home from work on the day of normal work, take off the watch, put the watch in the watch box according to your usual habits, and repeat the same steps the next day is called normal wear. If you bring it today, if you take a break tomorrow, it is not normal to wear. In this case, the error in the table below will change due to the change of wearing conditions, but it cannot be said that the stability of the movement has changed because of stability. Sexual comparisons should be made under the same circumstances. I believe that friends who know the Swiss chronometer test method should be very clear about this.

a tourbillon mechanical watch

I have consulted a senior watchmaker. He believes that if there is an unstable situation when walking, such as under normal wearing conditions, the watch appears to be a few seconds later, but tomorrow is a few seconds slower. It may be that the lubricating oil of the movement occurs. Changes need to be washed or the watch is magnetic. He also said that both the observatory watch and the tourbillon watch are in error. Their advantage over the ordinary watch is that they have good stability when walking under normal wearing conditions. Basically, the difference in error per day can be less than 1 second. Excessive pursuit of error and not attention to stability is a misunderstanding of many watch fans, and it is not worth promoting.

Finally, I said that the movement of the watch's movement is running. I used to think that the new watch will go faster when it comes. It will be more and more accurate when the watch has passed the running-in period. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding. The watch is not a car, it is a precision machine, and no burrs are allowed in any parts, so there is no need to run-in at all. The reason why the new watch wears after a period of time becomes accurate because the wearer has formed a wearing habit, objectively produces a relatively stable wearing environment, and the error of the watch is positively and negatively offset in different wearing directions to bring more and more wearers. Just the feeling.

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