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How to set a mechanical pocket watch
Jul 02, 2018

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Pocket watches are very popular around the 17th century, and men carry pocket watches with them. The pocket watch looks stylish and has many functions that people can't put down.

A pocket watch can be considered a pocket secret. It is watch worn on chest, bosom. It has a chain that can be fastened to the body. It can be a pocket clock in a suit vest pocket. How can the pocket watch be adjusted?

Steps to set a mechanical pocket watch
How to adjust the time of the pocket watch?

When you pull the knob on the finger, push your finger forward to rotate the hands clockwise.If there is a calendar, pull out the time knob to pull out two positions and try their functions separately.

When the mechanical watch is adjusted, it should be adjusted clockwise as much as possible. Once it is adjusted, it should be rotated more than half a turn counterclockwise, and then clockwise adjusted to the required time. The purpose is to eliminate the internal gear intermittent and reduce the travel time error.


How to wind the watch?

After adjusting the time, rotate the mainspring in the driving direction and turn it to stop moving. This is the process of winding up.Generally speaking, the pocket watch faces us directly, and the direction on the left is the direction in which the pocket watch is clocked.

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