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How to take a watch photo better?
Dec 21, 2018


Although the anti-shake function of mobile phones and cameras is relatively perfect now, some subtle jitter will still affect your imaging quality more or less, especially when shooting at close range.

To keep your shooting as stable as possible, consider using a simple tripod that is easily available online or in a street shop. Or use your own DIY a "bracket" at home to fix the phone. This minimizes the negative effects of jitter.

	advanced watches


Props are also important when shooting a watch. Appropriate props can better reflect the beauty and character of the watch. As for which items to choose, it depends on the type of watch you have and the effect you want to present. In fact, the selection of props is particularly wide. You can take good results with some things that are very common in life, such as teacups, wine bottles, a beautifully textured table, a textured wallet, and so on. Appropriate props and advanced watches match each other, and it's easy to produce amazing results.

Repeat again, when selecting props, be sure to consider whether the attributes of the watch itself match the props, or the resulting pieces will give people a weird feeling. For example, an elegant three-needle formal watch is definitely not suitable for taking pictures at the beach; if you want to shoot a diving watch, then the best prop is a set of diving equipment.

Of course, if you are in trouble, you can also abandon any props and choose a minimalist background with no debris at all, so that the effect will be high-grade.

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