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How to test the sensitivity of mechanical watches?
Aug 09, 2018


The sensitivity of the watch refers to the flexibility of its balance to automatically swing. The inspection method is:

1) Gently shake the mechanical watch that has not been struck by the spring, and use the power of the shaking to observe the movement of the second hand: if the second hand stops moving in a short time, it means that the watch has a spring After all, it can be finished (that is, the spring has no torque), and the sensitivity is high. If the second hand continues to move for a long time, it means that the watch cannot be completely finished after the spring is wound (ie, the spring also stores the torque), and the sensitivity is not high or The watch machine is faulty.

flexible mechanical watch

2) Turn the sport watch without moving the spring, and slowly turn the head to observe the start of the second hand: the less the rotation of the upper bar, the earlier the second hand starts, the higher the sensitivity of the watch; otherwise, the sensitivity is low or There are other faults in the dear watch. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fast pendulum watch. Because the stiffness of the hairspring is large, it is necessary to make a little more spring than the traditional frequency (18,000 times/hour). For watches with high sensitivity, it takes a long time to move around after a single spring.

3)There should be a certain distance between the hands and the watch glass, between the dials and between the three watch hands, otherwise they will rub each other and affect the normal operation of the watch. It can be observed by dialing the hand during inspection. Check the position of the hour and minute hands and whether the mutual fit is normal: set the minute hand and hour hand to 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock to observe whether the two hands are at right angles; when dialing to 6 o'clock, the two hands are in a straight line; Whether the two hands coincide.


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