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How to use the mechanical watch shaker?
Dec 13, 2018

A watch shaker, also known as an automatic shaker or an automatic shaker case, usually refers to a watch case with a motor for automatic winding of a high-grade mechanical watch. Also known as automatic winding watch box, automatic winding motor watch box, motor box. In general, the shaker is used to adjust the time to accuracy, but its use is rarely known.


1, the working principle of the shaker


The motor box is a watch box equipped with a micro motor, driven by a battery or an external power supply, and controlled by shifting and switching. The watch case is equipped with a small rotating dial, which is slowly rotated by the micro-motor, and the mechanical watch is placed in the dial to achieve the effect of automatic winding.

men's mechanical watch

2, the use of the shaker

First gear: OFF is stopped

Second gear: clockwise for 3 minutes, stop for 40 minutes

Third gear: counterclockwise 3 minutes, stop for 40 minutes

Four gears: 2 minutes counterclockwise, 28 minutes stop! Needle turn for 2 minutes, stop for 28 minutes

Five gears: turn clockwise for 10 minutes and counterclockwise for 10 minutes! Cycle for 1 hour, stop for 7 hours, then cycle


3, the impact of the shaker on the watch

The use of a shaker to help the watch is on the chain is not harmful to the watch, the shaker, also known as the automatic shaker or automatic shaker box, usually refers to the watch box with the motor, used for high-end mechanical watch automatic winding. The automatic mechanical watch relies on the movement of the wearer's hand to generate power to wind up the barrel. If it is not worn, it will stop. Long-term stop will not only cause serious damage to the watch movement, but also after each winding. It’s also a nuisance to recalibrate the time, and the shaker came into being.

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