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​How to wear a mechanical watch more comfortable
Aug 28, 2018

  1. Choose your daily watch. Your daily watch should be neutral and long lasting because it is dressed to work, or when you are just relaxing. Stainless steel is a popular choice because it makes for neutral and sturdy watches, but people choose a variety of different materials, including watches made of plastic and rubber.

  2. Put on your formal watch and need formal clothing such as weddings, baptisms, funeral formal garden parties or dinners, opera and theatre performances, and other official events. Formal watches should be constructed of a precious metal (silver, gold, platinum) that should not exceed 1.6 inches (41 mm) in diameter. Be cautious. The official watch should be the same metal as the rest of your jewelry or accessories. For example, a woman wearing a platinum necklace wearing a platinum watch, a man wearing a gold cufflinks should wear a gold watch.

a mechanical watch with leather strap

  3. Wear a formal watch. Thin black or brown leather belts, worn in semi-formal clothing, such as blazers or suits for men, or women in a suit, need to choose one. Try matching your straps, shoes and belts. This makes your overall look more coordinated and more complex.

  4. Make sure you are wearing the wrist of your watch. Choosing on your wrist is the most comfortable and your watch won't interfere with your movements.

  5. The most appropriate: a person should not wear his watch to loose off his wrist. It should work perfectly together, not too tight or too wide. Closely fit or loosely wrapped around the wrist, you can wear a women's watch, like a bracelet. They should not be too tight.

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