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How to wear mechanical watch like a gentleman
Aug 08, 2018

◆How to wear watch to be a genteleman?

Whether it is a gentleman or a lady, you can see the master's quality from wearing and using the watch, especially the men, who love their love watch more like a lover, and the correct wearing of the elegant watch will make you more graceful.

1. Keep the wrist watches for men clean and tidy. If your wrist watch is dirty, no matter how good your personal image is, it will be greatly discounted.

2, The wrist watch strap should not be too tight or too loose. Too tight is not only ugly, but also affects the blood circulation of the hand; too loose is not only inconvenient, but also easy to damage the precious watch and wrist.

3, The general watch should be worn close to the wrist joints. Men can be closer to the hand, but the woman can be the opposite, which brings out the slender hand and is more gentle.

4. Take off your dear watch when you wash your hands. This is the best moment to reflect your gentleman's demeanor and the basic qualities of loving your watch.

5. Adjust the time of the watch in time. Don't leave a bad impression of time sloppy.

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◆What should I do if my wrist is very thick?

Generally, the strap length of the watch is designed to take into account the thickness of the wearer's wrist. Generally, it is relatively long, leaving room for about 20 cm. If your wrist is particularly thick, you can consult the owner in advance,buy long strap watch. Customers with thin wrists can make adjustments. Note that it is best to adjust to a professional repair table, it is very simple, but do not adjust it yourself, because it is not easy to damage the watch without specific professional tools and techniques; of course, it is no longer like a leather strap.

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