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Introduction of the ETA7750 movement
Aug 16, 2018

Formerly known as Valjoux 7750, the ETA-7750 belongs to Valjoux's most famous timing core. Later, as Valjoux was acquired by ETA, the classic Valjoux 7750 was naturally renamed ETA-7750.

Valjoux 7750 was published in 1974. After the acquisition of ETA in the 1980s, few people now use the term Valjoux, unless the movements produced before the merger in the 1980s used the old name. ETA 7750 on July 1, 1974 It was launched and became a model that ETA is proud of. It has been used in various brands for automatic chronographs and complex functions for many years. The standard 7750 features 17 rubies, 42 hours of energy storage, and 28,800 vibrations per hour. The unidirectional winding design uses the same pointer-type fine-tuning mechanism as the eccentric screw and has a scale indicator for fine-tuning operation. Some people say that ETA-7750 is a dead wood. The 7750 may be general in terms of craftsmanship, but the truth is the same: simple and durable, durable is reliable. The ETA-7750 is such a chronograph movement.

The ETA-7750 is a one-way winding movement. Why ETA has never changed it to two-way. It may be: "One-way has higher winding efficiency than two-way." Until now, the theoretical basis for this conclusion is not understood. what. In fact, the problem of the ETA-7750's low efficiency is well known. Sometimes it is a good thing to introduce new things, but there is something wrong with nothing.

ETA movement watch

The ETA-7750 uses a push-rod timing structure that is simple and easy to maintain. From aesthetics, of course, it is impossible to compare with the beautiful Lange 1001. But from the timing function is indeed one of the best programs. The entire watch industry should be thankful for the existence of the ETA-7750, because with it, more watch manufacturers can produce chronograph watches. You can avoid all the costs of developing your own timing core. In addition, everyone understands the truth: even if you throw a lot of money into it, you may not be able to produce a more durable chronograph core than the ETA-7750. Adoptionism is the best strategy here.

How do you most easily identify the ETA-7750?

At 6, 9, 12, 99% of precision mechanical watch is the ETA-7750, but this can't be said that if a watch is not 6, 9, 12, it can't be said that 99% is not ETA- 7750. It is like "Transformers", its advantage is not only durable, but also volatile. From 2 small plates to 3 small plates to 4 small plates, all can be changed from ETA-7750. Just like IWC changed to 6 points, 12 points.

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