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Quartz Watches How Do They Work?
Apr 16, 2018

     Watches were only a kind of timekeeping tool at first. With the development of the times, technology products have entered people's lives. The timing accuracy of electronic devices such as mobile phones is much higher than that of watches. The significance of watches as timing tools is not so important. Today's watch is a tool that highlights the identity of the taste. Many friends know that the watch is divided into a mechanical watch and a quartz watch. A mechanical watch is a watch that realizes travel time through mechanical operations and is well understood. What does the quartz watch mean? We can introduce the meaning of the quartz watch.  Quartz watches how do they workWhat is the working principle?

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Simple summary of a quartz watch is to use a battery as an energy source, a quartz oscillator as a time reference, and an integrated circuit as the core to display the structure of time through pointers or numbers. Compared to mechanical watches, its advantages are very accurate. Such watches often have the English word “Quartz Watch” on the dial, namely “quartz watch” in English. The thickness is also much thinner than an ordinary mechanical watch and can be distinguished at a glance. However, the service life of quartz watches is relatively short. First of all, the power of the quartz watch is provided by the battery. When the battery is exhausted, it is necessary to replace the battery, which is usually replaced in 2-3 years. After 8 years, the quartz oscillation will be weakened, which will seriously affect the accuracy of travel time.

How does quartz watches work?

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1. The oscillator generates a 32768 Hz signal. The oscillator circuit includes a quartz crystal oscillator and a C/MOS-LSI circuit.

2. The oscillator circuit includes a trimmer capacitor to adjust the speed.

3. On the frequency dividing circuit, the 32768 Hz oscillating signal input from the oscillator circuit is divided by 2 main times until the output pulse signal is 1 Hz.

4. The drive circuit amplifies one pulse signal per second output by the frequency divider circuit, and then alternately transmits the positive and negative pulse signals to the drive coil in a one-second interval time.

5, after the drive coil receives the pulse signal current, the stepping motor is at 60 per second. The angle rotates intermittently.

6. The rotation of the stepping motor is transmitted to the wheel train to drive the rotation of the seconds, minutes, hour hand and calendar mechanism.

7. Silver oxide batteries are the energy source for electronic circuits and stepper motors. They can supply stable power for two years or more.

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