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What is the mechanical watch structure?
Sep 07, 2018

Mechanical watches are made up of exterior parts and movements. Appearance parts refer to parts that can be directly seen, such as the case, dial, hands, etc.: main drive train, escapement speed control, pointer drive train, and winding needle mechanism. The mechanical watch mechanism is on the upper side, which is combined by the middle, lower and three-layer splint. The lower plywood is the main deck and is the basic part. The upper splint includes a splint, a splint, and an upper splint. The middle splint is composed of a splint plate and a fork splint. As long as we install the mechanical watch escapement speed control system and the transmission wheel train parts at the corresponding positions of the clamp plate, the main plates and the main clamp plate are assembled together by screws, so that the position of the machine parts can be ensured accurately. For the convenience of disassembly and assembly of the splint, the splint is milled on the main clamp. All these movement parts are installed in the table, which is usually invisible.

	mechanical watch movements

The working principle of a mechanical watch is to use a vibration system to control it to produce a stable cycle, multiplied by the number of vibrations of a process, to get the time it takes. Namely: time = vibration period x number of damages

During the whole operation of the mechanical watch mechanism, due to the inevitable movement resistance of the vibration system during the work, such as: bearing friction, air resistance, friction between the elastic members, the amplitude of the vibration is gradually attenuated. In order to prevent this attenuation and to keep the vibration system working continuously, it is necessary to periodically supplement the mechanical watch with the energy consumed by the resistance due to the resistance. The mechanical energy of the watch is stored by the clockwork device. That is to say, the force required for the conduction and vibration of the body comes from the spring. When the spring is tightened, the machine will be supplied with the motive force periodically, thereby supplementing the tip consumption of the mechanical energy and preventing the above-mentioned attenuation phenomenon. These three processes continue to circulate, so that the movement continues to work. In order to take the time to be accurate, the escapement speed control plays a role in controlling the speed.

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