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Some misunderstandings about mechanical watch protection
Aug 27, 2018

1,My mechanical watch is normal when it move, so it don't need maintenance.

Many people feel that their watch is very good when they go. If they don't want to toss, they don't care for the watch. When the error occurs, they think about it. But this time is already late, because the oil in the watch is dry, the part shaft will be fine. When you wash the oil again, there will be gaps, and the watch may have some obstacles to travel. At this time, the watcher who does not know the truth will be considered as the technical problem of the maintenance master.

Just like the body, usually you don't have a good stomach, and you have a stomach problem. At this time, the doctor prescribed medicine and performed surgery. But after the stomach and body surgery, it is definitely not as good as the previous state. At this time, it is a bit embarrassing to blame the doctor's technique.

mechanical watch movement protection

2, My watch only enter the water, why should I fully maintain?

The second problem is that when the watch enters the water, it is definitely not allowed. It is definitely that the movement is eroded by water vapor. Metal parts will produce rust and metal fatigue. If it is not cleaned in time, it will become more and more serious. It has a fatal threat and needs to be completely disassembled for cleaning and timely replacement of parts.

3. Why is it so expensive to wash oil? Isn't it just a little bit of oil to open the movement?

The third problem, washing oil is not so simple, every time the movement undergoes a washing process, it is equivalent to taking a road of rebirth. It is a reassembly and cleaning of the movement parts.

According to the degree of pollution of the movement oil, it can be divided into two parts. The first one is the part with less oil pollution, such as movement splint, gemstone, balance wheel, balance spring, horse and spring, etc. The second is Gears, barrels and screws. The parts of the first part are more delicate and easy to damage. The second part is heavy, so be sure to select the cleaning steps according to the state of the watch movement, one by one.

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