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The most classic four chronograph watch movements in history
Aug 28, 2018

In recent years, I have fallen in love with chronograph mechanical watches, because chronographs can calculate their own time, from when and when they have finished their own decisions, chronographs are definitely the most popular. One of the functions. The mechanical chronograph watch movement is difficult to make. So far, only a few can be produced. Today we will talk about the four common chronograph movements.

the chronograph watch

Valjoux movement

     The first is Valjoux, the most common movement we have the most accessible. The old-fashioned movement manufacturer in the village of Les Bioux, in the town of L'Abbaye, was acquired by ETA in the 1980s. If you are unfamiliar with Valjoux, then the ETA7750 should always be familiar with it. It was the first major manufacturer of chronograph movements, and it has long-term supply of chronograph movements for Rolex Daytona. Today the 7750 is the last generation of Valjoux developed and is now used as Widely used in the machine, it is the most common chronograph movement in the current watch market.

Venus movement

    The manual chronograph movement, once the famous movement manufacturer of the last century, as a chronograph movement, together with Valjoux is a highly chronograph movement. Because the movement has stopped production, it is very rare on the market, and it is difficult to supply mass production of the brands of the big group. At present, the watch brand using the Venus movement as the basic movement has only a few independent watch brands. Swiss independent watchmaker Kulver has acquired a number of movements in stock in the last century. The Venus is one of the best chronograph movements of the 50s and 60s, and the watch with the VENUS movement is currently very rare.

Minerva movement

     The Minerva movement manufacturer was founded in 1858 and was born in the Villeret area of the Jura Valley. The company was founded by the watchmaker Robert Brothers in the early years, borrowing the name of the goddess of wisdom in Roman mythology. After the founder family was withdrawn in 1929, the company officially changed its name to Minerva. Known for its 19th-century pocket watch manufacturing and its creative technical contributions to chronographs in the 1940s, the company has been used by many big names and was once a Panerai movement supplier. To this day, the movement is also popular with watch collectors. The movement is now exclusively for the Montblanc brand.

Lemania movement

The Lemania movement, once the only top-quality movement manufacturer that SSIH can counter the Swiss watch industry (ASUAG), was launched on the moon's Omega SPEEDMASTER. After being acquired by Baodi, it became the Baoji Royal Core Factory and was no longer supplied to the market. After the acquisition of SWATCH by Houbao, Lemania returned to the SWATCH Group.

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