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Three trends of smart watches in the future
Aug 22, 2018

First, equipped with artificial intelligence technology, can greatly enhance the product experience.


Equipped with artificial intelligence technology, it will make smart watches truly intelligent, instead of just staying at the current Internet connection, through various APPs to achieve information reading, payment, sending text messages, tracking personal health data, viewing weather conditions and other functions..For smart watches, artificial intelligence's voice interaction technology will greatly improve its performance, users will be able to use voice commands to achieve more functions instead of touch screen control, so that more hands and eyes can be freed . The ideal smart watch use scene is that users can realize the functions of localized life service inquiry and purchase service such as taxi, call, navigation, eating, drinking and playing in one sentence.

 	smartwatch for men

Second, combined with VR, augmented reality will make the watch more functional.


Everyone should have seen scenes using augmented reality in many movies, usually triggered by wearable devices, in most cases using watches or similar equipment worn on the arm. It can be seen that in the realization of future technologies, people still hope to be able to do some articles on the watch. To some extent, the current smart watch can be counted as the primary product form in this direction.


On the other hand, through the development of the past two years, VR's 3D immersive experience has become better and better, but how to make users have better interaction with the VR world has always been a problem. The helmet control panel, Bluetooth controller and more handheld control devices enable user navigation, but still not portable enough. Users want to be able to participate in VR interaction with smaller, smarter and more convenient devices. The best choice. Therefore, the combination of smart watches and VR will have a lot of room for development in the future. Once the technology breakthrough, smart watches or will become the necessary equipment for VR.

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