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Watches usage FAQ
Dec 10, 2018

Why is the watch second hand not allowed to scale?

This is a common phenomenon in quartz watches, which will slightly deviate from the scale. It is not a quality problem. The components of the quartz watch are inherently stable and push the second needle to a fixed interval, which does not affect the timing accuracy of the watch. A small gear gap runs more smoothly and this clearance is necessary. The type of the wheel determines the size of the gap. The gear clearance of the second hand is usually the largest, the second hand is the second, and the hour hand is the smallest. So a lot. This is also the reason why the second hand will shake. Another situation is due to the fact that the shaft in the middle of the second hand has a certain inclination, which causes the second hand to deviate from the scale when it reaches certain positions.

watches faq

What should I do if the watch gets into the water?

If it is only a small amount of fog, it will disappear automatically after a long time, or you can dry it under the bulb, but do not bake it on the fire, or you can put the surface inside and the bottom case outward, and put it on your wrist. After two hours, you can Eliminate the water vapor. If there is more water, you can see the water drops. You should find a professional master as soon as possible. Although the waterproof watch has been waterproofed, it is generally not subject to strict inspection. It is recommended not to touch the water when wearing it. Just in case, the watch is a high-precision item, please take care.

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