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Pay attention to when wearing a gold watch
Nov 29, 2018

Wearing a gold watch can easily attract the attention of others. But for some groups, this is not necessarily a good thing. For example, an ordinary corporate employee certainly does not want to let his good watch take the boss or the boss's limelight; a compiler, for well-known reasons, certainly does not want to wear too high-profile watches; or purely to avoid Unrelated people chew on the back of the tongue. For this part of the people, a shiny gold watch is enough to destroy all their efforts.


If you really like the gold watch, but there are several groups of people above, there are some corresponding ways to solve this contradiction:

First, when choosing precious metals, you can choose some of the relatively low-key appearance, such as platinum and platinum. To tell you the truth, there aren't too many people who really understand the watch around you. As long as your watch doesn't directly smack the eyes, others will only admire the phrase "good-looking". As for how many thousands of watches are spent, you can see it. It should not be much.

Second, if your gold watch is retro style, or wear is already serious, then the risk of wearing will be correspondingly smaller, because this watch is more like the old watch of the family, not like a dazzle Rich tools, even at certain times, can make you more connotative.

Third, if your positioning is really sensitive, then it is best not to wear it in inappropriate circumstances. After all, your work and career are more important than your hobbies.

Finally, going back to the beginning of the problem of the gold surface is not related to personal temperament. If a person is always rude, vulgar, and indecent, it is an antique, but also a strong nouveau riche style; if you can do well, be generous, even wearing a gold chain watch It also has a gentleman temperament.

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