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What are the terms and materials of the watch movement?
Jul 23, 2018

The movement belongs to the "heart" part of the watch. The origin, material, process, function, accuracy and other factors of the movement determine its quality and grade.

The movement is classified by structure: mechanical movement, quartz movement, electronic movement and so on.

Quartz watch or mechanical watch simple identification, usually the name of the watch or the bottom cover is QUARTZ or AUTOMATIC, you can clearly distinguish between quartz watch or automatic mechanical watch. Another way to identify is to look at the way the watch's second hand walks. If the second hand is a one-second-and-second jump walk, then the watch is a quartz watch; otherwise, if it is not a jump walk, it is a mechanical watch. (If you find that the second hand walks for two or four seconds at a time, this model is still a quartz watch. This phenomenon is caused by telling you that the watch on your hand needs to be replaced now, because some of the better-designed quartz watches have this device. I will walk for four or five seconds at a time to inform you in advance of the replacement of the battery.) What we need to focus on is the understanding of the quartz movement.

The movement is classified by function: two-needle machine, three-needle machine, six-needle machine, single calendar machine, double calendar machine, alarm machine, multi-function movement and so on.

The origin of the movement is divided into: domestic movement. Japanese movement. Swiss movement. ("SWISS MADE" is a Swiss original movement; "SWISS PART" is a Swiss accessory, Far East assembled from the Far East. The bottom plate of the movement is usually marked with the relevant characters. The same type of movement, There is a big difference in price.)

Expertise points:

1) The order of the movement must be such that the battery delivery date cannot exceed 6 months.

2) The same type of movement, the position of the calendar window is several (3H, 6H, 4H, etc.), not universal.

3) In order to meet the needs of different thicknesses of the surface, there are many types of needles for the movement, such as No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, etc. Must be determined by engineering accounting

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