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What if the mechanical watch is magnetic?
Aug 29, 2018

It is quite normal for mechanical watches to become magnetic. In daily life, we are always inseparable from electrical appliances, mobile phones, computers, televisions, etc. Our watches often appear next to these appliances and are always magnetized, affecting the timing of the watch. Let me teach you how to handle the magnetization of the watch.

1. How to judge the watch is magnetic


When the watch is magnetized, the watch is equivalent to a magnet. To know whether the watch has magnetic or not, the easiest way is to use a compass to check. Put the compass close to the watch or watch close to the compass, the compass moves, indicating that the watch has magnetic; the compass does not move, indicating that the watch is not magnetic. Generally, when the rotation of the compass is obvious, the magnetism is more serious. If it is only slightly magnetized, it may not be so easy to see. Xiao Bian suggests that everyone should pay attention to the places with large magnetic fields in daily life, try to avoid contact with these places, and Xiaobian is more used. The watch will be placed in front of the computer or on top of the notebook.


 echanical watches is magnetic

2, how to degaussing the watch yourself


You can buy a watch degaussing device at home, which is about a few dozen pieces. This comparison is more convenient for degaussing the watch. You can also place the watch inside the iron, so that the magnetic force of the watch is slowly absorbed by the iron. If the size of the iron is larger, the effect will be better. Xiaobian suggested that you use a hoop to let the watch cross the iron ring back and forth, so you can also degauss.


In fact, the daily degaussing of our watches, find a watch shop trouble master to help degaussing, the general watch shop will be free service, approaching degaussing does not require too much technology, the general watch shop has a degaussing device, always put the watch on the degaussing device, press the switch Yes, it won't be very troublesome, and some may charge you money, about a few dozen. If you collect money like this, I won't go to the watch store if the watch needs maintenance. This is a  personal opinion, I hope to help you!

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