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What is a waterproof watch screw-in crown?
Dec 12, 2018

The waterproof watches are designed to be screw-in crowns. They are also very convenient to use. When using the crown adjustment, the crown can be adjusted counterclockwise. After use, press the crown and turn it clockwise. It's all right.

Now the problem is coming: a watch friend's lock head is broken (can't be locked), and the service department tells him that the reason for the damage is that he used it incorrectly.

	screw in crown watch

Generally, the correct use of the screw-in crown is: each time the time is adjusted, when you press the crown, turn it counterclockwise when you press the crown. It feels like you enter the screw track and then screw it clockwise instead of directly. Press the crown in place and lock it clockwise. Otherwise it is easy to screw the thread!

Most of the watchers are directly locked according to the crown (the feeling is also very smooth and natural), not as troublesome as mentioned above, is this wrong? Will it damage the crown?

In fact, the person in the maintenance department has a reason to say that it is like a bolt. Sometimes the nut is biased and can be tightened. The screw is broken, so you should first observe it and find the position and tighten it. If you tighten it hard, because the parts are small and fragile, even if it is not properly tracked, it will not be very obvious and it will be easily damaged.


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