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what is the accuracy of automatic watches?
Sep 11, 2018

Q: How much is the daily average error of travel time reasonable?

A: If you want absolute precision, you can choose the radio frequency meter to receive the signal pair in real time. As long as the atomic clock does not go wrong, the automatic watch will not have more than 1 second error in 300,000 years.

As for the mechanical watch, 24 hours a day, a total of 86,400 seconds, there are a few seconds of error, it is already a great thing.

Different movement literacy determines the error range of the automatic watch. For example, the Seiko 4R movement is reasonable in 30 seconds, and the 6R movement 30 seconds may be a bit difficult to accept; the same is the 9S movement, different adjustments have different daily difference standards.

In addition to the internal, the wearing environment will also have an impact on the error. For example, office white-collar workers and blast furnace smelters wear the same watch. The temperature difference in the environment will affect the internal spring and balance wheel of the movement, resulting in differences in travel time.

accuracy of the watch

Q: Is it necessary to buy a shaker?

A: If you don't have enough exercise and you have multiple automatic mechanical watches, there are many complicated functions such as perpetual calendar or other adjustments, then it is necessary to buy a shaker. If the watch does not always run, the oil will solidify and the error will increase when worn.

The table shaker is also divided into high and low, and the high-end table shaker can control the direction and time through the computer. Why control direction and time? Because the automatic movement can be divided into two-way upper chain and one-way upper chain, the table shaker must meet the setting of the chain in two directions and two directions. According to different models of the movement, set the time ratio of different winding and dormancy, keep the movement in a reasonable winding state, neither too much wear and tear, and will not stop due to power exhaustion.

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