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What is the application of carbon fiber materials in watches?
Jul 20, 2018

In the watchmaking industry, carbon materials are currently used primarily in the manufacture of dials and cases. Watches made of carbon materials are often used in sports styles to highlight the stylish personality and rare features. In particular, some traditional classical and old brands, while retaining traditional craftsmanship and ideas, are also daring to absorb and draw on modern scientific and technological achievements, and use carbon fiber materials to different degrees in traditional classic styles.Making watch parts from carbon fiber is no easy task. In terms of case manufacturing, it takes a lot of effort to develop the mold, and which type of carbon fiber is used with which resin is highly technical. Forging and high temperature curing are also very important, and it is by no means a simple process.

carbon fiber watch

To put it simply, the metal mold with the same size and shape as the actual case is first manufactured, and the release agent is sprayed inside the mold to be separated from the mold after the finished product is formed. Then, the selected carbon powder is placed in a mold together with the resin to be cured at a high temperature, and after reaching a certain temperature, it is punched and molded. This curing and forming process is likely to require several iterations to get the final product, which is also called the "forging process." In addition, in order to pursue more visual exquisiteness, some cases are also polished after forging to achieve the effect of excellence.

As for the dial made, it is more difficult to operate. The key point is that the pre-incubation process should be very fine, the fiber arrangement, the resin type ratio, the speed and temperature control during production must undergo rigorous repeated testing. While ensuring the strength and flatness of the fiber, there must be no shackles, otherwise it will affect the work and beauty of the movement.

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