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What is the difference between quartz watch and mechanical watch?
Dec 21, 2018

Quartz watch and mechanical watch are different from other power sources, and the other parts are not much different. They all have a travel time display system, both gear trains and oscillators. The difference is that the mechanical oscillation system consists of a balance spring and the quartz watch is made of quartz vibrators.

traditional mechanical watch

The traditional mechanical watch is powered by the spring, and the movement of the watch movement is driven by the spiral. Due to the inconsistency of the spiral movement speed and the temperature and parts wear, the timing accuracy of the mechanical watch is difficult to guarantee. The mechanical watch is normal for 15-30 seconds a day. Within the error range.

In 1967, the first quartz electronic watch was exhibited in the annual competition organized by the Swiss Timing Association.

The mechanical watch is responsible for energy transfer and frequency intercommunication by the gear, while the quartz watch is responsible for the power transmission by the circuit board, and the stepper motor is responsible for the frequency output. Finally, the frequency is passed by the gear to the pointer, indicating the time. To put it bluntly, the same is that the oscillators are all physical, and there are gears inside. The difference is that one uses a spring, one uses electricity, the mechanical watch uses an escaper output frequency, and the quartz watch uses a motor output to the gear.

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