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What is the function of the watch?
Dec 05, 2018

The person playing the watch should be familiar with the bezel. In addition to being able to recognize the current time, the watch can also carry many complicated functions. Many of these complex functions are achieved through the bezel: from calculating the dive time to measuring the speed of the car; from measuring the fuel supply to estimating the distance of the fire; from determining the latitude and longitude to knowing the time of any place in the world... The amount of work that the bezel can do is far beyond people's imagination.

	diving watch bezel

The bezel plays an important role in the use of watches, and its variety is also rich and varied. Today, let's talk about the things about the bezel and see how the different bezels are used.

Everyone should be familiar with the diving bezel, which is a tool used by divers to calculate the dive time. According to the ISO 6425 standard, the diving bezel must be unidirectionally rotated with a 60-minute scale and the scale interval must be subdivided to 5 minutes, with a luminous mark (usually a triangle or diamond) at 60 minutes to determine Minute reading.

In fact, many diving bezels have now surpassed this standard. They are scaled to 1 minute at 0 to 15 minutes (sometimes extended to 20 minutes), and are made of luminous materials or different colors. It is important to highlight that this is because the last 15 minutes is especially important for diver's decompression. Up to now, this bezel has become one of the standard designs of diving watches.

Many times, the diving bezel is placed on the outside of the dial, but there is also an inner diving bezel. To adjust this bezel, of course, it cannot be screwed directly. It can only be adjusted by adding an additional crown. The Longines Legend Diver uses this design.

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