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What is the special function of the diving watch?
Jul 25, 2018

Function 1 Anti-corrosion flexible strap

Under water, we need to flex our wrists. At this time, the watch needs to be tightly attached to the wrist. Although many diving watches are equipped with metal straps, the chemical composition of seawater can cause slight corrosion, so it is still recommended to replace the rubber strap with better water resistance and corrosion resistance when diving. A canvas or man-made fiber strap is also a good choice.

Function 2 screw-in anti-skid crown

The most easily accessible part of a watch is the crown. In order to prevent water from entering the movement through the crown, watchmakers have developed a design called a screw-in crown - a joint made of rubber with a rubberized apron at the joint of the crown, when the crown is tightened The water is strictly isolated from the watch . 

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Function 3 Drainage

"Draining" is a very professional function,. Because full-time divers  spend too much time decompressing. Therefore, they must live in the high-pressure submersible tank in the deep sea for a long time, but at this time, the gas will be dissolved in the blood, so the air used in the general diving cabin is a "He" oxygen mixture. Since the molecules of helium are smaller than the water molecules, when we are under high pressure for a long time, the helium molecules will penetrate into the waterproof watch to make it full of high-pressure helium. Once returned to the surface, the high-pressure helium in the watch cannot be short. When the time is exhausted, the watch will explode due to high pressure.

Function 4 Luminous indication

All dive watches are equipped with eye-catching luminous hands and scales. Usually the pointer, scale or surface of the diving watch is coated with fluorescent material and the size of the hands and scale is deliberately enlarged to make it easier for the diver to read. The early luminous material was radium, which was discontinued due to its excessive radioactive elements. The most commonly used luminous material is Super-LumiNova.

Function 5 Rotating bezel

The rotating bezel acts as a reminder of the dive time. The rotating bezel has a marking scale of 15, 30, 45, because the oxygen cylinders for general diving can only be held for 45 minutes .The first 15 minutes are coloured or specially marked, as the diver will strictly follow the 15 minute safety stop during the ascent to do the diving decompression. Usually, just turn the bezel while diving, align the 0 mark on the bezel with the minute hand, and then look at the scale on the bezel after the minute hand moves to know the time spent on the dive. 

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