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What is the vibration frequency of the watch movement?
Dec 12, 2018

First, the vibration frequency, that is, the vibration frequency, refers to the number of times the object vibrates in a second. The movement of a mechanical watch is usually composed of a power source (mainspring), a transmission (gear system) and an adjustment device (escapement, balance and balance spring), and the power flows from the mainspring through the transmission. The escape wheel, through the swing of the balance wheel, the power is finally accurately output; and each time the balance swings, its disc gem strikes the lever, unlocking the escape wheel, thereby powering the new vibration before relocking. In the mechanical watch, this process is performed several times per second. This frequency is what we usually call the vibration frequency of the movement.

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Specifically, the swing of the balance has two directions: counterclockwise, first clockwise rotation until the balance spring stops, then immediately swings in the opposite direction, clockwise once + counterclockwise once, add up twice It is equal to a vibration, and the number of vibrations per hour is equal to the vibration frequency. From the appearance, the whole process is like a hairspring breathing one by one, and the balance wheel is madly rhythm with this breath. For example, if the vibration frequency of a movement is 28,800 vph (4 Hz), it means 8 vibrations per second, which is equal to 480 per minute, which is equivalent to 28,800 per hour. This is the meaning of 28,800 vph. .

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