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Do you like mickey watch?
Nov 29, 2018

Many people may not know that a few days ago, on November 18th, it was the most popular and well-known cartoon image in the world, the day when Mickey Mouse was born, and it happened to be the 90th anniversary. Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday detonated the world's major media, people have sent blessings to this childhood memories and partners.

The first batch of Mickey models was officially launched in 1933. It includes a pocket watch and a wristwatch. The dial is printed with Mickey's cartoon image. The hour and minute hands are Mickey's two arms. When the pointer moves, the Mickey on the dial looks like Waving hands.

mickey watch women's

The life of "Net Red Products" is generally short-lived, but Mickey watches are an exception. From 1933 until 1971, the popularity of this watch has been enduring for 38 years, and Ingersoll, Herman Carmen and Walt Disney have all made a lot of money. In the 1960s, they also added Mickey's "object" in the cartoon, Minnie, to the dial, and his ambition was clear: not only to capture the men's watch market, but also the women's watch market.

We also developed Mickey and Minnie's products, which are very popular among customers, because customers also sell well. I can send you a free sample if you need it.

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