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Where to go to buy a watch is more reliable?
Jul 27, 2018

For novices, choosing the right watch store is a guarantee for yourself. Although some channels may buy lower discounts, the risk will increase. After all, reliable sellers are the only way to be a good seller.

Several aspects of the choice of watch shop should be considered:

1, the size of the watch store: should choose the old-fashioned watch store, have a good reputation, and have a certain scale. In this way, more choices of brands and styles can be guaranteed. The larger the watch store, the larger the range of natural selection. The most important thing is that you don't have to worry about the closure of the watch store and affect the after-sales service.

2, the location of the watch store: should try to choose a local table store. From the perspective of after-sales and selection, it is more convenient to buy a watch locally. Some people even go to the watch shop and chat with the saleswoman, and finally they have won a favorite one with a staggering discount. This is not to mention the advantage of buying a watch locally.

colorful quartz watch

3, the after-sales of the watch shop: usually large formal watch stores have professional maintenance and after-sales service. The after-sales service includes services during the warranty period and outside the warranty period. The formal watch shop has a clear price tag in the content of after-sales service, and has a standardized price for different brands and different maintenance items, avoiding some unnecessary suspicions. At the same time, the maintenance of the master also has a certain standard, the need for a certain professional assessment and certification, the professional quality of the maintenance master also determines whether the repair of the watch to obtain quality service and quality.

4, the pre-sales of the watch shop: The pre-sales here refers to the professional quality of the salesperson in the watch store. An excellent watch clerk will recommend a watch that suits the consumer and can help the consumer control the budget. Of course, as a professional purchaser, there are higher requirements, such as the service attitude of the clerk and the introduction of the model, the degree of specialization of the brand, although the clerk can not be required to reach the level of the watch critics, but at least can guide the purchaser, provide Learn from the reference.

5, specialty stores: the most reliable, more professional service, is a separate brand of specialty stores. There are different levels of specialty stores. It is best to choose a store that is directly opened by the company. The agent is less advanced. From pre-sales to after-sales, the specialty stores have certain advantages, so after selecting the brand, you can consider the store to buy styles.

The watch store is a kind of physical sales method, in addition to the virtual online watch store, the online watch store has a certain advantage over the physical watch store due to different channels. However, I always don't recommend watch friends to buy on the Internet. After all, the network environment has not been standardized, and some problems will inevitably occur. In order to reduce the risk in the process of buying a watch, it is recommended for the novice to be safer to the physical watch store.

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