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Who invented quartz technology?
Jun 26, 2018

Many people would mistake that the quartz technology was invented by  Japanese.In 1967, a Swiss research group designed and developed the first electronic clock movement, called the quartz movement.The technology used electricity from batteries and opened the way for diode and liquid crystal displays.

But It was invented by SEIKO of Japan that quartz is used in watches.On December 25, 1969, Seiko succeeded in miniaturizing the quartz movement and launched the brand's first quartz wrist watch  "Seiko Quartz Astron" in Tokyo.Japanese was not the inventor of the quartz watch technology, but Seiko has been working on it for a decade.The advent of quartz watches led to a dramatic change in watch manufacturing technology, resulting in a greatly reduced size of the Swiss industry:The total number of employees fell from about 90,000 in 1970 to just over 30,000 in 1984.Meanwhile, the total number of brands fell from 1,600 in 1970 to 572.

 fashion watch.png

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Because the quartz watch vibrates at a high frequency (32 kHz), it is extremely accurate, with an error (faster or slower) of less than one second per day.By contrast, mechanical watches typically oscillate at 3 or 4 Hz, with a daily error of less than 10 seconds.So quartz watches are more accurate.

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