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Why are some mechanical watches very expensive?
Sep 04, 2018

In fact, there are many pursuits, including all aspects of material life. Some people think that watches are very practical and can remind them of regular routines. Some people think that watches are very good, especially some famous watches. They are very good at wearing them. Some people think that Very fashionable, you can decorate your life as an accessory and add your own charm.

Many people think that the material of the watch determines the price of most of the watch. The price difference between the 18K gold watch and the ordinary steel watch is very obvious. The leather strap and the same style of steel strip also have a big gap, with the gap between the drill and the drill. It is also far more than a few diamonds.

It makes a lot of sense, but not all right!

The most valuable thing about a watch is not the material, but the handwork! That is the heart of the craftsman!

 the Gold watch case

Processing, grinding, forging, etc., a series of complicated processes, far more valuable than a few materials, many gold watch cases, 18K gold, and hollow, by weight, in fact, it is a little, according to the gold price is not Value, if your gold watch is sold by weight, are you willing?

So, raw materials are not necessarily the most valuable, crafts and brands are the key to determining value!

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