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Why is the mechanical watch sometimes inaccurate?
Aug 06, 2018

What is the source of automatic mechanical watch power?

Mainly from the wearer's wrist activity, the watch's flying sway swings when the owner moves, so that the watch is wound, so when the wearer usually does not have a large amount of activity or wears it for a long time, the string force will be insufficient or empty, causing the watch to go. Not allowed or stopped. Older people and those who are often sitting in office are not suitable for wearing such watches. In this case, it is recommended that the wearer manually wind the watch manually.

automatic mechanical watch factory

Why does the watch wear for a while and suddenly go fast and travel time is unstable?

Fully automatic mechanical watches generally have a certain shock-proof ability, but if the impact force is too large, such as vigorously waving the wrist, the impact force will cause the balance spring to entangle, causing the watch to be faster or even stop; the greater impact will Let the watch jumper jump out, the damping device falls off, and the needle is misaligned, which is a fatal effect on the speed control system. Frequently subjected to strong impacts, it will also reduce the efficiency of the watch winding, or even fail.

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