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Why does the mechanical watch always break when adjusting the time?
Aug 27, 2018

Recently, we have often received questions from some of our friends. They said that when the time is adjusted for the watch, the watch is always tuned and not gone. Why?

Below, let's talk about this problem in detail.

Mechanical watches with calendar function are divided into slow climb and fast climb calendar. Most mechanical watches today use a slow-climbing calendar, that is, around midnight, the time is gradually jumped, and it is normal to jump before 2 o'clock in the morning. Some watches don't even finish until 4am. In this whole process, since the internal gear is working, it cannot be interfered at will, otherwise it will affect the service life of the watch.

mechanical watch with calendar

For watches with a date display function, the crown usually has two gears.

0 position: the watch normally works normally

1st position: date/week

2 position: adjust time

First, first rotate the crown and dial out to the second gear. Adjust the time clockwise so that the hands are on the lower half of the dial. For example, you can dial to 6:30, because you can get off work at 6:30. (This is to protect the internal mechanical gear of the watch).

Second, push to the first gear, rotate up, adjust the date to the day before the correct date. (For example, today is the 24th, then transferred to the 23rd.)

Third, dial the crown again to the second gear, adjust the clock clockwise, let the calendar change from small to large, until the date automatically goes to the 24th.

sport watch with calendar

There are still some details to be aware of. For example, every month that is not a 31-day month, we need to adjust the time. How to adjust it? In the morning of the 30th, you can directly transfer to the 31st, in order to wait for the next day to automatically jump.

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