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Why is the crown of the watch important?
Aug 23, 2018

Although it seems to be a negligible small part, but the major watch brands have never been sloppy in the design of the crown, mainly because the sparrow is small but contains the magical power that is unknown.

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The crown of watch, its glory days have to be traced back to the age of pocket watches.Originally used as a pocket watch winding device, it can inject new vitality into a stationary timepiece, so it is treasured to be placed at the top of the case at 12 o'clock, hence the name "Crown". Every timepiece with a crown is like a crowning of a serious event.Later, the appearance of the watch changed its position: in order to avoid the conflict between the crown and the strap, the crown was moved to the 3 o'clock position common to modern watches.

There is a view that the offset crown creates an aesthetic obstacle to the watch because its presence breaks the visual balance of the watch. However, as a kind of thing that emphasizes the artistic value with the overall visual effect, the watch is found to be echoed by the crown, or the calm and heavy, or light and elegant spirit.

Imagine that for a retro model with a big three or two hands, its function has been greatly simplified. At this time, the details of the crown and other details have undoubtedly become an important part of its aesthetic orientation Link. However, in addition to the artistic aesthetic value, such as the small crown in the watch is what kind of existence? In fact, it is a small organ that is screwed into the handle of the watch, but it is used to coordinate multiple parts in the movement.

Imagine that if you don't have a crown of exquisite watch, your cherished watch will only stupidly push the day forward, but it will not bring you accurate quality and proper clearance. What fun is there in life?

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