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Why is the fine-tuned expensive watch relatively accurate?
Sep 10, 2018

Just as the gearbox is the core component of the car, the more the forward gear, the more expensive it is. The fine tuned watch when adjusting the walking time is a key component for judging the quality of the watch. The same movement, using different fine-tuning, will separate the levels. For example, the ETA movement with a wide range of applications will be divided into standard, enhanced, top, and chronograph versions (Standard, Elaborated (improved), Top and Chronometer) depending on the spring, balance, shock, and fine-tuning used. The same is true for top movements.

	expensive watches for men

Watches made up of more than a hundred tiny parts look very complicated, the actual principle is very simple, the clockwork power is transmitted to the escapement through several sets of gears. We see that the pointer indicating the time is mounted on the gear that transmits the power. To correctly display the time, we need to control the rotation speed of these gears. Whether it is a men's watch or a women's watch, a business watch or a sports watch.Just like controlling the speed of water, it needs a faucet. The task of controlling the rotational speed of the second hand, minute, and hour hand falls on the escapement of the terminal and the balance, balance spring, and fine adjustment.

Rotate the faucet to adjust the water flow. So how to adjust the speed of the watch, the most important thing is to adjust the oscillation period of the mechanical oscillator composed of the balance spring. The balance wheel and the balance spring are oscillated back and forth at high speed by the interaction of the escapement mechanism, and the maximum angle of the balance position of the swing is the swing (also called amplitude).

 How to control the oscillation period? There are two routines, one is to adjust the actual working length of the hairspring, which is also the most common means, using fast and slow needles and moving fast and slow needles; the other is to adjust the balance weight to adjust the oscillation period.

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