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2018 Hengli Watch Factory Commendation Meeting
Aug 30, 2018

Twenty-one years sincerely adhere to the heart, the years are like songs, suitable for everyone! Spring and spring flowers are twenty years old, and the wind and rain have gone hand in hand! The enthusiasm and transcendence of many people is now fruitful and brilliant! In August 2018, the management members of Zhangzhou Hengli Electronics Co., Ltd. held a 20-year commendation meeting on the morning of August 30.

Under the enthusiastic expectation of everyone, Victor, the head of Hengli Watch Division, took the stage to give a speech and summarized the changes in the development of Hengli in the past 20 years. Among them, the record of Hengli’s hard work and hard work Spirit, and outlook for the next two decades. The wonderful speech infects the entire venue, and seems to evoke the hardships of the past and the good memories. Every success, every failure, contains the reluctance of every Hengli family member.

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After that, this is a ten-year, fifteen-year, twenty-year awarding ceremony. Although the prizes are not expensive, they have been rewarded and affirmed by the Hengli family for many years. After that, four family members delivered speeches. Some of them are preparing for this speech. Some of them expressed tears during the speech, thanked the company for many years of cultivation, and some expressed their vision for future work and exported Hengli Electronics’watches overseas.

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Hengli Electronics Co., Ltd.'s 2018 commendation meeting came to an end, but the backs of everyone's struggles are busy in the office area, I hope that Hengli is getting better and better, and the family can also get happiness and dreams from this company.

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