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About Our Factory Introduction
Nov 24, 2018

Our company are located in the city of daffodil,Zhangzhou Fujian Province,which is also the biggest quartz watch & clock manufacture base in China.

From 1996 to 2012,our company achieve watch & clock R&D & production,movement R&D & production,watches accessories R&D,dommestic brand operator.

Our team is a big family.Existing employees is 473 person.Front-line employees is 304 person.Backup employees are 169 person.

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Our watch brand ,"COMTEX" , is a fashion watch brand launching a new concept of "Hundreds of collocation thousands of feeling".Another watch brand,"MOVEBEST",is a watch brand thought by "Culture Watch" concentrated the history of Chinese culture.Our clock brand,"NUOVO" is the clock brand developed various trend household customized concept,"enjoy life and taste fashion".

Our watch and clock mainly sell for Europe,North America,Asia,South America.Our main clients are Disney,Heineken,Howard miller,YVES ROCHER,next,HOBBY LOBBY,FOSSIL,AVON,L'OREAL,D&G,and so on.

We are always here waiting for you. We look forward to cooperation with you.

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