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Across The Straits College Students Design Wordshop Began In 2018
Aug 02, 2018

On the morning of July 30, the launching ceremony of the Hengli Electronics Special Session of the 2018 Across the Straits College Students Design Wordshop was officially opened.

 Fujian Industrial design association

Zhangzhou Economic and Trade Commission Chen Jie Researcher、Chief of Zeng Liping,Lin Jiade, Director of the Bureau of Economics and Information Technology of Longwen District,Yang Bozhen, Secretary General of Zhangzhou Industrial Design Association,Shao Yueming, Chairman of Zhangzhou Hengli Electronics Co., Ltd.,Gao Caifeng, Minnan Normal University.Lu Wenqian, design instructor, and 16 participants from both sides of the strait participated in the ceremony.

watch design workshop

At the meeting, the leaders and business leaders expressed their warm welcome to the participants who came to Hengli Electronics. I hope that everyone will work hard for the common goal, do their best in creative watch design, and now they will be successful. Learn to have income.

clock design workshop

After the meeting, the corporate design director shared with us the commemorative book of the award-winning works of the China Watch Design Competition hosted by Hengli. It also gave the participants a deeper understanding of the current situation of the Chinese watch market and the design, production, production and sales process of the company. The "Hengli Philosophy Handbook" issued by each student gives the participants a deeper understanding of the corporate culture of "Honest people-oriented, high quality and superior quality".

The workshop activities help the design and development of manufacturing enterprises in our province, build a platform for the manufacturing enterprises of our province and the excellent design achievements and talents of the cross-strait universities, create a brand of exchange design cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan,and promote cross-strait collaborative innovation.

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